Sheryll Jones reviewed Southport Pleasureland5 star

27 October at 15:58 ·

I went tonight to the fright park it was amazing so well thought of and think it was so much more real than farmagedon ... well done will definitely be spreading the word


Gillian Bull reviewed Southport Pleasureland5 star

25 October at 13:46 ·

I am addicted to zombie zoo absolutely loved it different experience each time.


Louise Mai Rose reviewed Southport Pleasureland5 star

21 October ·

I really enjoyed the #AFTER DARK night there is loads to do ..fair rides fire shows Halloween monsters clowns dolls ect ...Halloween decoration really fab pumpkins everywere and beware of the zombies in the zoo if your brave enough ha bar at the end to calm your nerves #halloween #zombiezoo #southport


Danielle Stanfield reviewed Southport Pleasureland5 star

29 October at 13:31 ·

loved every minute of it defo would go again only let down was the waiting round but otherwise BRILLIANT & I found it better than farmageddon


Louise Mai Rose
Brilliant night, lots to do and the zombie zoo is terrifying, special effects are brill, defo going again.


Adele Suzan

30 October at 00:54 ·

This is amazing. The zombie zoo and the ghost train were absolutely terrifying!! The was a point when my button got tangled up in the zombie zoo wire and i feared for my life the panic was real!! Defo worth going if your looking for something to do!! Incredible. Thanks to all the staff/actors for making it a boss night! Tell your friends take your friends!! Just go!!


Samantha Roberts

29 October at 20:37 ·

Definately wont sleep tonight