Thanks to all at the Experience.... Had a fantastic night. Still laughing about it now. The whole atmosphere was spot on, Scary, creepy, dark but loads of fun. Zombies were ace, great professional actors!! The night was made even better with the other 12 people who were there on the night with us, so thanks to you guys also... Again thanks to everyone for a great night, will defo do again.
Pete Hathaway/Stuart Roberts

What a fantastic night
What a fantastic night, you're taken out of your comfort zone at a moments notice. The actors, setting and activities were brilliant. A couple of times I didn't feel like I had the courage to go through with the events as they were that immersive you completely forget that you're only facing grown ups with face paint (and much more detailed costuming of course). I have never done anything like this before but will now actively seek more events like this. The guys were fantastic to work with and even stayed behind late for us to take a couple of photos, during which time, not one person broke character. I'll be talking about this for years to come.
Carl Johnson

Me and a few friends went for a laugh, they certainly lived up to their name. BUT it was awesome, we had so much fun in the dark lol.
Nikki Rushton

Never Again...Until Next Time
Yes it was scary, very well put together and so much fun, I can't wait to see what else events 2 scare come up with!
Jasmine Cardine

Scary Night
The location was amazing and a brilliant place to set this event, once the action started boy did we know it !! Followed by a walk through the woods which is scary enough in its self but mixed with some brilliant actors your in for a treat !, and to finish off with one of the most atmospherical walk through I have ever experienced, in all a very good night with brilliant hosts would just like a few more activates. A few things definitely went bump in the night !!
Liam Bailey

A bit slow to get going which was obviously to wait for the dark but once it did WOW. I was scared to death walking through pitch black woods and the actors are amazing my fave part was the bunkers. Be warned though it can get very slippy so wear good walking boots as i had trainers i was slipping around like a good un.
Paul Williamson

Scary Night
Thank you for a brill night. Being huge horror fans we got fully immersed in the chaos. Thanks Again and hopefully see you soon!
Stephen Ward

Had a truly fantastic night the actors were superb with brilliant make up and a couple of them had proper blood chilling screams too!! I advise everyone reading this to book you will not regret it! Thanks to all of you for a believable and adrenaline filled night
Stuart Parker

What a great night.
What a great night thank u, can't wait for the next experience you guys come up with
John O'Callaghan

Loved it
Brilliant night. I was really in the zone!! Ready for another.
Paul Vigrass

It Was Wicked!!
One of the most fun things I've done,had such a laugh. And the whole EVENTS2SCARE Team did an amazing, professional job. I Didn't know WHAT to expect but we had an adventure +HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is up for something different. Wish it was last week so could do it again !!
Cara Chantler

Defo Doing This Again
I saw this experience through a friend sharing it on Facebook. So I had a look on the website, it looked like a real life horror film, so being a spatter fan so I bought a ticket for me and my boyfriend. When we arrived we were greeted by two guys who calmed us down but boy that didn't last long and we were jumped straight into the story. It was awesome, we had so much fun, everyone was brilliant and I jumped a lot lol! we had loads of fun and screamed like babies! It was amazing value for money and we will be doing it again! The guys told us about their other scare events they put on too so we will be trying them out! Everyone was friendly and helpful so I recommend this to anyone who wants to have a laugh!
Charlie G

Great Time
This was a truly amazing scare event. Me and my mates came with low expectations of seeing rubbish make up and fully intended on not being scared at all. Wow were we wrong. I'm 22 and I s##t myself. Definatley reccomend coming to one of these, nice one Events2scare ;)
Giles McConney

So scary but highly recommend
Me and my sister both had a great time at this, even though I nearly lost the plot half way through thinking it was real, but I remembered about the safe word they told us in the briefing "I Want My Mummy" scremed it out and was calmed down by the staff. All in we both had a fab time.
Jennie Sephton